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Read Article  by David Mackenzie

Did you ever stop to think that when you play golf you may have too much time to stop and think? And maybe that’s why what happens on the driving range, stays on the driving rage. On the range we are loose: drop a ball, hit it, drop another, not much thinking going on. Out on the course we have a lot more time to think, instead of just reacting to the situation at hand and letting our subconscious do the processing.  For example, when you throw a ball to someone, you don’t use your range finder to get the distance, take a bunch of practice moves and then throw the ball. You just throw the ball. Your subconscious has already calculated the distance, and determined speed and trajectory.

So what we call muscle memory is more about the mental game of golf than it is about muscle. It is the subconscious knowing what has to be done, and then all you have to do is execute. Like when you back hand a putt, that doesn’t count, into the hole. But when you’re waiting your turn to make that short par putt you have a lot of time to think; the more you think, the more the pressure builds and the more tense you get. Wouldn’t it be nice to just let your subconscious take over, and all you do is make the stroke?

This is an interesting post that helps you to react more, and think less, during those par saving moments. I wonder if we can take the same concept to the rest of the game.


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