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How To Add Feel to Your Putting Stroke

Putting with feel
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This is not your grandfather’s “How to Putt” instruction video; it’s a way different way of putting. In this video Matt Walter teaches us a way to putt that defies conventional wisdom. No pendulum, rocking of shoulders, or straight back-straight forward for Matt.

And consider this, at some point we’ve all been told to not be too handsy with our putting – well guess what? Matt’s method is all about the hands. This method certainly has the potential to give you a repeatable, and natural putting stoke.

I always try the golf tips that I post. So I went out this afternoon and played 14 holes, before we got rained out. On each hole I used Matt’s putting technique, and found that on the shorter putts (15 feet and in) it felt very natural and with good results.  On the longer putts, I found it difficult to adjust the swing to the correct distance. I guess it will take more time and practice to get the distance right, but on balance it felt really good.

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