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The Titleist Performance Institute And Me

Titleist Performance Institute

I recently signed up for the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) program at my local golf club. The reason I became interested in TPI is that it seems different from most golf instruction, in that it blends fitness training with traditional golf swing improvement. I joined the program with a golf buddy, and the first part of the program was an assessment that focused on identifying the limitations of our flexibility and balance. The fitness trainer (TPI certified) had us perform a series of activities, like raising one knee, while standing on one foot, with our eyes closed and various turning and stretching exercises. Interestingly, the results of the assessment showed that my buddy and I are exact opposites. I have fewer limitation in the upper body and he has fewer limitations in the lower body.

From the fitness center we then went to the driving range and she took videos of our swing, face on and down the line. The swing videos, along with our fitness assessments, were sent to one our pros for his assessment. Within a couple of days we were instructed to log into Mytpi, where individual programs had been set up for us. My program consists of 7 fitness exercises that take around 20 minutes, and 8 swing drills that also take about 20 minutes. The neat thing is that each exercise, and swing drill, consists of both text and a one minute, or less, video that demonstrates what you are supposed to do. I expect that once I’ve done these a bunch of times I won’t need the website until I go back for another assessment.

We are also thinking about incorporating the Kvest, a 3d swing analysis tool developed by TPI, but we aren’t sure if this is too complex for the everyday golfer. I’ll report back periodically on our progress and let you know if we try out the Kvest.


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