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Diagnosis: Long Drive Envy

Long Drive

Read Article  by Cork Gaines

If you suffer from Long Drive envy you are not alone. Most of us are obsessed with trying to hit our drives longer than our playing partners, and we marvel at the guy who constantly out drives us by 25 yards. And so, we spend less and less of our practice time at the range hitting irons, and more and more hitting our driver. Which of course leaves virtually no time for the short game.

But does it really matter that you are not the longest driver in the group? The hottest golfer on tour is, without a doubt, Jordan Spieth, whose drives rank a pretty poor 77th on tour, at a 292.3 yard average. But other than driving distance, the rest of his stats are amazing. Business Insider has put together a couple of interesting charts that show just how remarkably well it is possible to play, even if your drives are just so so.


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