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The Key To Better Putting – Learn To Lag Putt

Lag Putting
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A three putt usually starts with a long putt that ends up way short, or way long. And now you’ve left yourself with at least two more putts to hole it. So, in order to have fewer three putts, you really need to make that first putt count, and that means learning to be a good lag putter.

In this video, Mike alludes to the fact that first you need to know how far you are from the hole, and the best way to do this is to step off the distance from your ball to the hole.

If you practice lagging long putts at 30 steps, and get good at it, then you know that 40 steps requires more swing, and 20 steps requires less. You can extend your practice to 15 steps, and here again once you get good at it, when you step off your distance to the hole you have a frame of reference to be able to make a good lag putt – and sometimes it might just go in.


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