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How To Putt On Fast Greens

Fast Greens

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Most of us complain mightily when the greens are too slow, and we just can’t seem to hit the ball hard enough to get it to the hole. But for some reason, slow greens don’t  generate as much fear in us, as do fast greens. You know what I mean – that awful feeling when you hit what looks like a good putt, it’s on line, skims the hole and then just keeps on going. And now we are good and rattled, because we don’t know how to stroke the return putt. Too hard it goes past again, too soft it doesn’t get to the hole, and now we’ve totally lost our putting rhythm.

This video encourages us to maintain our natural putting stroke, yet deaden the ball so it travels slower. Well at least it is worth a try; certainly would beat trying to figure out how much to shorten your stroke.


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