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Making Your Left Arm Long At Impact Increases Your Power

Left Arm Long

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If you’ve been trying to improve your golf swing so you can hit the ball farther, I’m sure you’ve heard the terms “get into the slot”, “increase your swing lag” and “delay your release.” All of these suggestions are of course good advice. However, what is missing is the “how to” that allows us to make these actions happen. The actions of getting into the slot, which increases the lag and then delays the release of the golf swing, in my opinion, are not actions in and of themselves. They are instead results that are caused by other simpler actions.

In this video Mike Dero explains two fundamental principles which are key for the everyday golfer: 1) it is okay to bend your left elbow on the backswing, and 2) in order to make proper contact on the down swing the left arm must become long at impact, in other words you need to re-straighten your left elbow at the point of impact.

If you are like most of us you already bend your left elbow on the backswing; now, keep it bent as your arms come down and they will naturally fall into the slot delaying your release, then re-straighten your left elbow for impact and greater power.


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