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Women And The Business Side Of Golf

Business Side of Golf

Read Article  by April A. Morris

In our July post Women And Corporate Golf, we wrote about how women, who do not play golf, may be missing out on opportunities to be part of the corporate culture, and risk sitting out on important company sponsored events. However, what was not covered in that post was how you go from bystander to networking golfer. There is lots of advice on the do’s and don’ts, and value, of conducting business on the golf course; but not much that specifically deals with making the transition from non-golfer, to someone who can take advantage of the business side of playing golf.

But that’s exactly what Bruce Baird has done, by creating the program “Business Golf For Women.” It is a program that combines the strategies of business golf networking, with learning enough of the skills, and terminology, of the game to overcome the fear factor. I would think there are lots of men who could also benefit from this program.


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