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Women And Corporate Golf

Corporate Golf

Read Article  by Pam Swensen

Growing up in Manhattan we played a lot of city sports, stick ball, curb ball and some baseball. But golf – forget about it.  It wasn’t until I became a management consultant that golf became something important in my life. Whenever our firm sponsored a charitable event, invariably the fund raiser was held at a golf course, and we were expected to invite our most important clients. So, it was either invite my clients and wait around the club house until the round was over, or learn how to play golf. The choice was easy, learning how to play golf was not, but eventually I ended up hosting an annual golf event which became a big hit with our clients. And corporate golf became part of my career.

It occurs to me, that women in the corporate arena may face a similar situation. Since women make up only 20% of golfers, it stands to reason that, as they enter the corporate world, most will never have even given golf a passing thought. Which means that as the percentage of women in managerial positions increases, so too will the likelihood that golf may be something that will help them either network or face being left out. Pam Swensen in her post for CNBC tells us “Why More Women Should Play Golf.” Of course if more women do play golf, it would be a boon to the golf industry that desperately needs more players.


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