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Want More Distance? – Don’t Fall Backwards!

Weight Shift

View Video  by John Dodegge

It seems self evident that your golf ball will go farther, if your weight shift is toward the target during the downswing, as opposed to moving away from the target. And yet, we all know players that almost always end up falling backwards during the swing, and the result is greater inconsistency and shorter distances. The reasons cited for this problem range from mental, trying to hit the ball farther, releasing the club too early in the swing, or just staying too long on the back foot,

The cure of course is a proper weight shift. But if you’ve been falling back for quite a while, you may have no idea what a proper weight shift feels like. In this lesson John Dodegge uses a pretty simple drill, with an assist from gravity – because it is harder to fall backwards when you are on a downhill slope, to give you the sense of the proper weight shift. It is a little difficult to see in the video, but where John is standing is a pretty severe downhill slope. Take a look.


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