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The Knees Are The Key To A Proper Weight Shift

Knees Key To Weight Shift

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Forget your hips – it’s your knees that really matter. I’ve been searching for years for the proper sequencing of my hips during the downswing to get a good weight shift and extra distance.  I’ve tried moving my hips faster, slower, and even holding them back. Sometimes I block to the right, others times I hook to the left and every once in a while it’s perfect (for about nine holes) and it draws just like on TV.

And then I found this video by Lawrie Monteque that showed me everything I was trying do was wrong. Instead of focusing on my hips, I just had to work on how my knees came together. Do this correctly and the weight shift and hip turn are automatic, and the path of the ball is pretty straight. This cannot be explained in writing, you have to watch the video. As you watch this video think coming off your instep to get the proper knee positioning.


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