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The PGA Card – Chasing The Dream

The PGA Card

Zach Johnson earned $1.8 million for winning The 2015 British Open. Now that’s a pretty good pay day. But what does it take to become a PGA professional and earn the right to compete for these huge purses? Well, for most golfers it starts by playing in local amateur events, and then graduating to mini tours. But to play on these mini tours you have to be good, the cut may be -2 or -4, and you have to be able to afford to play on these tours.

The mini-tours, like the Hooters Tour, are not free. The estimates are that including membership fees, entry fees and expenses you are looking at costs of over $50,000 a year; and, to even come close to breaking even, you need to finish in the top 10.  By the way Zach Johnson honed his skills on the Hooters Tour.

Next stop is Q school, which now is the feeder system for the Tour. And, the Tour is now the minor leagues for the PGA tour and the coveted PGA Card. Make it there and you make the PGA tour. But the road to the PGA tour is long and arduous, taking 7-10 years for most golfers. So when the PGA ads say “These guys are good,” you better believe they are very, very good.

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