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The Key To A Good Swing? The Right Shoulder

Role Of Right Shoulder

View Video  by Steve Johnston

I am always amazed when I see, on TV, how the pros finish their swing . What amazes me most is the angle of the shoulders, which almost looks like they are trying to place their ear to the ground. If you are not sure what I mean, take a look at the angle of Lexi Thompson’s shoulders during her finish.

Lexi Thompson

I’m sure you have seen this many times on TV, almost never with your buddies, but the question is, how do they do this?

In this video Steve Johnston tells us that on the downswing the shoulder is a three dimensional move – down, forward and out. If you can make this three dimensional downswing move, the result will be a finish (hopefully) that looks like Lexi Thompson’s, and that will add yards to your shots.


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