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Do you remember the first time you decided to play golf? This question is not for those who started playing golf at age 3, and who hence have a country club swing. But for those of us who took up the game later in life, or are just self taught. For me it was during a business trip when all the guys were going off to play, and rather than stay alone I joined them. Now I had never played golf before, or even had a lesson. Needless to say I was a disaster, and by all rights that should have been the last time I ever played golf.

And yet, as bad as that experience was, something happened that day and I was hooked. Maybe I hit one good shot, maybe it was the camaraderie of spending 4 hours with guys alternating between  trying to help me, and laughing at my struggles to hit a ball that was’t even moving.

No question golf is intimidating. A pro once told me that a lady came to him for a lesson, and he asked if she had any lessons before. She said yes, 54 lessons, but had never gotten up the courage to go out on the course – he of course took her directly to the course.

So if those early days are a faint memory, here is a walk down memory lane, which I think will sound much like your own first encounter with the game of golf.

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