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Golf’s Scariest Shot?
A Buried Lie In The Bunker

Burried Lie

View Video  by Kellie Stenzel

Good news is you hit a beautiful, high, approach shot; bad news is, it lands in the bunker. And, to make matters worse, when you get to the bunker you find you have a buried lie, probably the ugliest lie we amateurs can have.

Now, if you really have no idea what to do, and are afraid of leaving it in the bunker, you could take an unplayable (you can do that anywhere on the course) and drop it in the bunker, with presumably a better lie. But that’s admitting defeat.

So, should you just close your eyes and swing as hard as you can? No, just watch this 2 minute video and the next time you find yourself with a buried lie in the bunker, you will be so much better prepared that your only fear factor should be wondering where the ball is going to land.


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