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The Art Of Chipping

Chipping Lesson

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Want to score better? Learn to be a really good chipper. We amateurs hit so few greens in regulation, that one of the most important skills for us to master is definitely chipping. There are, of course, a lot of different techniques you can use for chipping. Some guys use the same club for every chipping situation, while others mix it up depending on distance, lie and how clear the shot is. The important thing is to find a method, or combination of methods, that you feel confident will get you so close, that a two put is a given.

In this video Mike Dero walks us through several different chipping options. After working on this video with Mike, my personal favorite has become “some and none” using a variety clubs ranging from pitching wedge to eight iron. Mike reminds us that very few balls go into the hole on the fly, and this method gets the ball rolling toward the hole quickly and with very little effort. And ladies, if you struggle with chipping, pay attention, toward the end of the video, to Mike’s tip on chipping with a hybrid.


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