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How To Chip And Roll, And Pitch And Check

Chipping and Pitching
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Chipping and pitching are two of the least understood shots in golf, and in this video Clay Ballard clarifies the distinction in terms of their goals. The goal for a chip is to get the ball on the green quickly, and let it roll to the flag with no spin; the goal for the pitch is to fly the ball, with a lot of spin, and get it to check close to the hole.

The instruction on chipping is pretty straight forward. However the instruction on pitching is more nuanced, and presents us with the challenge of gaining the ability to confidently add acceleration to the pitch shot. This would achieve what most of us would consider a thing of beauty, getting the ball to bounce and then check.

I think Clay’s approach, especially on pitching, is practical and is something that with a little practice even we amateurs could learn to do.


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