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One Of The Toughest Shots In Golf

First Tee Jitters

View Video by Kathleen Ekey

When you think about the toughest shots in golf, what usually comes to mind are shots like a buried lie in the bunker, a fairway bunker shot, or a short sided pitch shot. But you seldom hear about what amounts to the toughest mental shot in golf – the first tee. It is absolutely amazing how you can come off the range hitting great shots, feeling good about your game, and then you get to the first tee and something happens.

You tense up, you lose your tempo and that comfortable feeling you had on the range is suddenly gone. Well, if this all sounds too familiar, just remember you are not alone. You might remember, in 2003 when Anika Sorenstam played in the men’s tour at Colonial, after she hit her drive on the first tee, she almost dropped to her knees with relief. In this video Kathleen Ekey gives us some things to work on to reduce those first tee jitters.


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