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What Does It Mean To Clear Your Hips?

Clear Your Hips

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Because the golf swing is so fast, what you see is a lot less than what is actually happening. For example, we know we are supposed to shift our weight on the back swing, but when you watch someone on TV you can’t really see that the weight shift is really a result, not an action, caused by a slight hip turn and the left knee (for right handed players) moving away from the target.

And then there is something called clearing your hips. We hear on TV a lot that a player clears his/her hips nicely, or has really fast hip turns, and when we try to emulate what we hear, we get in trouble. Why? Because we can’t see what happens in between the downswing and the turning of the hips. We only see the result.

In this video Mike focuses in on those actions that we can’t see, yet really are the ones that are responsible for the results we want.


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