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To Hit A Good Pitch Shot Hit A Mini Cut Shot

Pitch Shot

View Video  by Martin Chuck

It seems, that the most difficult shot for the every day golfer to get right, is the little 75 yard, and in, pitch shot. I’m sure you can visualize this scenario. You hit a great drive, or a solid second shot, and now all you have to do is drop this 65 yard shot onto the green; anywhere on the green would be good. But instead you hit it a fat 45 yards, or a thin 95 yards, and now you’re staring at double bogey.

Now, I’ve watched a lot of pitch shot videos, and tried most of them. But this video is different. Instead of thinking of the pitch shot as a down the line small version of the full shot, in this video Martin Chuck talks about using a circular motion to hit the pitch shot. This technique teaches us that we need to think of the pitch shot as a round house motion or, as he even better describes it in another video, as a mini cut shot. Basically, an outside to in swing, that keeps the club head open. I tried it, and I must say it worked better than most. Only time will tell for sure, but it is definitely worth a try.


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