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Squaring The Putter At Impact

View Video by Wildcat Golf Academy

You want to be a better putter? Then you have to make sure that your putter is square to the ball on impact. This is another of golf’s truisms; easy to say and understand, but very hard to do. However, with a very simple aid you can easily test how well, or how poorly, you square your putter at impact.

This do-it-yourself golf aid will tell you if you lead with the heel of the putter, or the toe. Then with a little practice, make that a lot of practice, you will get better at squaring your putter at impact, which in turn will cause your ball to role true and straight. This video, by the Wildcat Golf Academy, suggests that you use a wooden dowel stick, but I got pretty good results with a piece of pvc pipe, and many, many attempts.


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