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Same Swing – Different Wedges To Get On The Green

Short Game, Wege Shots

View Video  by Mike Dero

This is the swing you dream about when you are a wedge away from the green, and all you need to do is just float that ball onto the green – anywhere on the green would be good. Mike Dero calls this his Dream Swing #5. Why? Well for starters these short game shots are all about getting the most out of those three or four wedges you have in your bag. With the Dream Swing #5 you develop a go-to half swing that is the same every time. So, rather than using the same club and adjusting your swing for different yardages, you use the same swing, but with different wedges.

Mike shows you how to develop a swing that is effortless, comfortable and repeatable. Once you know, for example, that your Dream Swing #5 goes 50 yards with your sand wedge, 60 yards with your gap wedge and 70 yards with your pitching wedge, then dialing them up or down for the yardages in between becomes more natural.


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