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Hitting Off A Wet Fairway

Wet Fairway

View Video by Ben Hogan

Every now and then your ball lands in a spot where the ground is wet. So, you take your normal stance, swing away and invariably you hit a fat shot. What makes it even worse, since the ground is wet, you take a huge divot and your ball lands way short of the target. What’s the problem? Well for one thing it is likely not that you made a bad shot, but likely that you did not adjust your setup to compensate for the wet ground. Here’s a clue: when you are in a bunker, you dig your feet in and then grip down on the club because you become lower than you would be on the fairway.

Except if the fairway is wet, then it has the same effect of having dug your feet into the trap, because your body weight just naturally sinks you into the wet ground. Here is a one minute video by Ben Hogan (a different Ben Hogan) that demonstrates how to adjust your setup.


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