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Decision Time: Leave The Flag In, Or Take It Out

Leave Flag In Or Out
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There are lots of new rules for 2019, but I think the one that will cause the most confusion has to do with putting. Suddenly you are faced with a new decision – leave the flag in or take it out. In the past it was simple, because you always had to take the flag out, or incur a penalty if your ball hit the flag. So, what’s a golfer to do?

In other words, given the new rule, is there criteria you can use to help you decide? We know that leaving the flag in will of course save a little time, so you may be inclined to so. Yet there are the purist who consider leaving the flag in as an assault on the fabric of the game – are they right?

At the end of the day the decision should be made as to which method gives you the best chance of holing the ball. In this video Mike Dero uses an unbiased tool to demonstrate whether, and when, to leave the flag in.


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