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Lose Those Chip Chunks And Blades

Chip Shot

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Is there anything worse than being thee yards off the green, visualizing the ball rolling straight to the hole and then chunking your chip shot? Well, I suppose being three yards off the green and thinning the ball across the green and into the bunker is probably worse, but not by much. No question, chunking and thinning your chips shots are two of the most frustrating shots in golf, and they happen to the best of us. In this video Gary Allis shows us a three step technique that should help to improve our chances of avoiding the chunk and thin chip shots. Although Gary does not specifically mention it, one of my take aways is that he is not trying to hit a chip that checks up. Trying to force the ball to check up, by striking down hard with the right side in an attempt to impart backspin, often leads to unpredictable and inconsistent results.  Instead, he uses more of a putting stroke, that helps to better synchronize the left and right sides.

Gary’s three step technique is actually pretty simple, and should be easy to replicate: 1) choke down on club, close to the metal 2) shift your weight to the left side, for a right handed players 3) use a putting stroke to get the ball rolling onto the green. For me I find it easier to lead with my left side, on the down swing, to keep the right side under control.


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