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Should You Learn To Compress The Golf Ball?

Compressing The Golf Ball

View Video  by Mike Dero

Mike Dero tells us you can have fun, and enjoy your golf game, even if you never learn how to compress the golf ball at impact. But if you do, the compression, and subsequent expansion, of the golf ball will cause it to fly higher and go longer. All the PGA and LPGA pros compress the golf ball; most of us, on the other hand, do not even come close to compressing the golf ball. This magic move is just not that easy to do. In this video Mike gives us a good understanding of how and why it works, and a few drills that teach us the basics of what to do and what not to do. These drills also help us determine if we have the right stuff to compress the golf ball at impact, or if we are just better off working on other parts of our game.


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