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The Two Pause Backswing For Seniors

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Although this video is targeted to senior golfers, and back pain, I think much of what is said applies to everyday golfers of any age, and to your golf swing in general. The incidence of golf related back pain is reported to be somewhere between 18% and 60%, depending on which report you read, so it would stand to reason that seniors would be more likely to suffer from this ailment.

In this video Golf72Swing demonstrates a backswing that is comprised of two pauses, at critical points during your backswing, to avoid back pain injuries. By adopting these two pauses, according to Golf72Swing, you will also stay on plane, develop an inside out swing and increase your club head speed. These by products to help your back are what really makes this video interesting – it’s like a multiple vitamin for your swing.

By the way, towards the end of this video you will see a request to purchase lessons from Golf72Swing; so I guess this is both a lesson and a promotional video. GolfersReport has no connection with Golf72Swing. We just like the lesson portion of the video.


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