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Learn To Swing On Plane – You’ll Love The Difference

Swing On Plane
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I think most of us are familiar with the basic concept that we should be swinging on plane. And you’ve probably seen contraptions, like hoops, that will help you sense what it feels like to be on plane.

However, since the golf swing happens so quickly, even if you video your golf swing, it is still difficult to tell how much you are on or off plane. But if you want more yardage, forget buying another club until you learn how to swing on plane. In this video Mike Dero does two things:

1) Demonstrates how using a laser device, that attaches to the grip of your club, can help you see to what degree you are on or off plane

2) Teaches you how to actually get your backswing and downswing on plane – this my friends is one of the most important lessons you can learn

Note: I bought one these laser devices and was amazed to see how far off plane my swing was, and how with practice, patience and listening to Mike, I was able to greatly improve my swing plane, and in turn hit the ball squarer and longer.

Amazon has two of these devices. I bought this one but I would imagine they both do the same thing (I have no financial interest in either one).


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