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Lead With Your Elbow

Lead with your elbow
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Ok – so when I first watched this video, by More Pars Golf, I thought this really looks kind of crazy. So I held onto it for a while. Then one day, while struggling with my swing, I looked at it again and I figured what do I have to lose, so I decided to try and lead with my elbow and see what happens.

I am a consummate tinkerer, I guess that’s why I write this blog. And, I must tell you that it made a difference in both distance and accuracy, not just with my driver, but I also used it with my irons and hybrids. I suggest you give this tip a try – it might just work for you as well.

Update: I’ve tried this now for a few rounds and found it difficult to consistently lead with my elbow. Then I found that if I wait until my elbow clears my  hip it makes a huge difference. The ball flies long, accurate, and you can feel your body moving through the swing.


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