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Hold Your Finish To The Back Of The Cup

Hold Your Finish

View Video by Natalie Adams

While watching Sunday golf the other day, I heard the commentator say how well this pro held her finish during the putting stroke. The term “hold your finish” is fairly common, especially during a full swing; however, I had not heard it applied to the putting stroke before. And each pro I watched, thereafter, did indeed hold the finish on the short putts, which almost always hit the back of the cup.

In this video, submitted by Rman, Natalie Adams encourages us to “never miss a short putt” by focusing on hitting the back of the cup. However, what she also does, but does not mention, is that she holds her finish – and of course the ball hits the back of the cup, just like on TV. So, copy Natalie’s moves – hold your finish and send the ball to the back of the cup.


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