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Hitting Off Of Junk

Hitting Off Pine Straw

View Video  by Mike Dero

Sometimes you hit a pretty good shot, not great, but still a decent shot. But when you get to your ball you find that you missed just enough to present you with a problem – your not in the fairway, or even the rough, you have a surface situation. If you find yourself hitting off of pine straw, or leaves, you worry about how deep the stuff is, will I hit under it or will I lose my footing? If you are on gravel you worry that the club will bounce off the gravel and you will end up thinning the ball. Then there is the sandy area, not really a waste bunker but enough sand to worry about hitting it fat and resulting in a short dribbler.

Mike Dero in our continuing series “Things You Can’t Learn On The Range”, will show you how to approach each of these different surfaces. Surprisingly enough I think you will find that there really is not that much difference in how you play these shots. All you need to do, which sounds easy enough, is hit the ball first.


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