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Hitting A Wrong Ball (Yours)

Hitting A Wrong Ball

Read Article by Barry Rhodes

You’ve just hit a great approach shot onto the green, and suddenly one of your playing buddies yells out “I think you just hit my ball.” Of course we all know that this is just an innocent mistake; maybe the ball is the same brand as yours, or your buddy drove up to it thinking it was your ball, and even gave you the correct distance. None the less, it is quite a costly mistake. The penalty for hitting a wrong ball in match play is loss of hole, and a two stroke penalty in stroke play. However, it is a mistake that is easily avoided since the rules of golf allow you to lift your ball anywhere on the course to identify it.

Now that’s pretty straight forward. But did you know that there are about 7 instances when, according to the rules of golf, you may be penalized for hitting a wrong ball, even though it’s your ball?


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