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Chipping Against The Grain

Chippin Against The Grain

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One of golf’s most frustrating shots is the duffed chip shot; especially when your ball is sitting on what looks like a nice lie, one that you normally easily chip onto the green. Well maybe the real reason you duff these shots is that that you are chipping against the grain.

When chipping against the grain you need to remember that the grain will grab your club, stop you from hitting through the ball and result in a chip that travels only a few feet. So, it’s not that you are picking up, it’s just that your normal chipping stroke does not work against the grain. Of course you must first recognize that the grain is against you, and that you will need to change your approach to the shot. A sure giveaway is when your practice swing gets caught in the grass and only travels a few inches.

In this video, the Aussie Golf Reviewer demonstrates two different techniques for dealing with this problem. The second technique, which might be easier to execute, using the toe of your club, is actually a second video that you can click on at the end of the first video. I would imagine that these techniques will also work when chipping off tight lies.


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