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You have to admit that the Apple Watch really does look cool. And the first question you probably ask yourself is do I really need an Apple Watch? Well let’s see, with the Apple Watch you can use Apple Pay to go shopping, Passbook to board your flight, listen to music while you are walking or running and keep track of your fitness. But can it tell you how far it is to the bunker on the left, or the pin tucked in the upper right hand corner of the green?

Not yet. However, given the popularity of GPS watches, such as Garmin and Bushnell, it would certainly seem that a golf app for the Apple Watch cannot be too far behind. Did I mention GPS? Alas, the Apple Watch does not have built in GPS capability, nor does it have wi-fi. Instead it uses the GPS system in your iPhone 5 or later. Which means you can’t leave your iPhone in your locker; but you also don’t have to carry it in your pocket.

The Apple Watch uses Bluetooth technology to communicate with your iPhone, which has a range of about 330 feet (100 meters). That means you can leave your iPhone in your golf cart, which usually is close enough for your Apple Watch golf app to use the iPhone GPS to figure out your distances. But, according to Golf Digest, determining distance may be only the beginning of what the Apple Watch can do for your golf game in the near future.


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