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What Is A Crossover Iron?

Crossover Iron
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When we first bought clubs we simply had to chose between irons and woods. But then along came the hybrids to make it easier for we amateurs to get the ball up in the air, and get rid of those pesky long irons; the hybrids were a blessing.

However, some of us started encountering problems keeping our hybrids on line, and we were not quite sure if we should swing the club like an iron or a wood. So a few years ago, Ping stepped in to fill the gap between an iron and a hybrid, and the result was the crossover iron.

But what exactly are crossover irons, and do you need one? In this video Ping explains where in the golf club family the crossover lies – I couldn’t find anyone other than Ping that gives a good explanation of the purpose of the crossover.

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