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Topping The Ball? – It’s Not From Lifting Your Head

Topping The Ball

View Video  by Derek Hooper

One of the most frustrating shots in golf is when you take a big swing, top the ball and it dribbles down the fairway – also known as a walk-to (you don’t have to get in the cart for your next shot). If you are like most of us your immediate reaction, upon topping the ball, is that “I must have lifted my head,” usually reinforced by your buddies who agree that you lifted your head. And it gets worse, because on the very next shot, if you top it again, you are convinced that you are just incapable of keeping your head down. And this will dog you for the rest of the round, because you are trying to fix the wrong problem.

In this video, Derek Hooper explains that you are not lifting your head, in fact you are lifting your body. He calls it coming out of posture, but it also known as not maintaining your spine angle, or just not staying in your stance. This sin fosters many problems, but one that is not so obvious is topping the ball.


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