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The Three60 Market
Great Wine at $3.60 Above Cost

Rebecca Maddox

If you find yourself in the Naples Florida area, or are a local, and looking for something really different after a round of golf, or a day out on your boat, you must visit The Three60 Market. They have a great assortment of breakfast (all day), generous lunch offerings and a really nice assortment of $3 glasses of wines. But what is really unique is that every bottle of wine in the house is priced at $3.60 above cost. Now, we’re not talking about no-name cheap wines, but great wines at a value I have never seen before.

I’m not sure how the owner, Rebecca Maddox, came up with this formula but it seems to work. If you stop in for some thing to eat, it is very difficult to leave without buying a bottle, or case, of wine.

Today we went – just for lunch. But the $3 glass of rose was so good, we had to buy a bottle, and Donna Leahy, the wine buyer, helped us find two really good Italian barolo.

Three60 Market now features a food-truck-lovers paradise, with the opening of Celebration Park right across from Three60 Market. There is nothing else like Celebration Park in Naples, with 8 full time food trucks, a full bar and access by car or boat. It has opened to rave reviews.

The Three60 Market is located  in Bayshore, just south of downtown Naples, in a charming waterfront setting and a very friendly staff. So whether you drive in or boat in, it is well worth the trip.


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