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Tee It Forward and GIR

Tee it forward


This is a slightly different take on the concept of Tee It Forward.

In general the formulas for determining what tees you should play from, are based on rules like how far you hit your driver or your 5 iron. However the driving distance approach ignores another important statistic, Greens In Regulation (GIR). If you are a handicap 6-9, or 10-14, you average 8.5 and 6.9 GIR respectively, and probably don’t need to worry about teeing it forward; with these handicaps you probably have a pretty good short game, so when you come up short you can still get up and down.

For the rest of us with handicaps from 15 and up the GIR drops down pretty quickly from 5.1 to 0 for handicaps over 30. So your goal really is not GIR but GIR+1, and hoping to land close enough to get down in one or two putts. Which of course means you should really work on your short game.

What you ask does this have to do with teeing it forward? Well, consider this;  If when you tee it forward you cannot improve your GIR, it really doesn’t change your game much. You may be hitting a little less club into the green, but you are still working on GR+1 and relying on your putting skill to make the putts. Just like you do now.

So why should you even consider teeing it forward? I think the answer is simply to have more fun and make the game more enjoyable. If your buddies drives are always way ahead of yours, it’s just no fun. So move up a tee and give your drives a chance to be closer to your buddies, this will increase your self esteem and you will have way more fun. After all, golf at our level should be more about fun than showing off your driving prowess. And if you can get up and down, it all looks the same on the scorecard.


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