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Teaching Pam To Play Golf – Part 1: Putting

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How hard is it to learn to play golf? Very, very hard, unless of course you start to play when you are eight years old, with lessons from the country club pro.

In this series we will follow Pam as she begins her odyssey to learn the game of golf.  Her instructor, Stan Geer, will take Pam from the putting green back to the tee box. In other words, Pam will learn to first putt, then chip, pitch, hit iron shots and finally make her way to the tee box with a driver.

The concept is to start her with what is arguably the hardest, and most important, part of golf for amateurs – the short game. Because the short game is as much about feel as it is technique, Pam will be honing her sense of feel, without even thinking about it. In Part 1 of the series Stan teaches Pam the fundamentals of putting. Once Pam and Stan feel she has made sufficient progress, then it is on to chipping – and so on until she arrives at the tee box with driver in hand.

So tune in, and root for Pam, as she makes her way around the golf course.


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