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Straighten Your Right Arm Post Impact

Straighten Right Arm Post Impact

View Video by Chris Ryan

Hopefully you read our previous post on the role of the right shoulder, The Key To A Good Swing, and if you followed these instructions it would put you in a position to take a good swing at the ball. Now that you know the role of the right shoulder, the next question is what is the role of the right arm? In this video, by Chris Ryan, we learn another counter-intuitive step in the golf swing – when to straighten your right arm (I apologize to left handers for this and other posts).

If you straighten your right arm at impact you won’t be able to easily attain the angle of the shoulders, so that it looks like you are trying to place your ear to the ground, as do the pros. If you are not sure what I mean read The Key To A Good Swing post. In this video Chris Ryan teaches us that you must straighten your right arm after impact. As you watch this lesson, note how Chris’ club head continues on a path down the line and toward the target.

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