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Should You Have A Strong Grip?

Strong Golf Grip

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We hardly give any thought to the golf grip. That is until someone, giving us free advice, tells us that perhaps we should change our grip. Invariably they are telling us to change to a strong grip, because that is what the pro’s have, and they hit the ball a ton.

We have all heard the terms neutral grip, strong grip and weak grip. But what does it really mean, and how do you tell what kind of grip you really have? And then there is the question, once you know what type of grip you have, do you actually need to change it?

This video by Chris Ryan provides an easy test to determine your grip type. For example I thought I had a slightly strong grip, but it turns out that my grip is dead center neutral. Should I change it? I’ll try to make it a strong grip, as my friend suggested, and then see what happens.


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