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They say that the best swing thoughts are no swing thoughts at all. Of course that’s easy to say for the pros who practice day in and day out. But I would venture to say that the every day golfer, who is always working on one swing fault or another, uses the driving range to not only practice swings, but to also practice various swing thoughts. So for example if on the driving range you find a swing thought that seems to be working, that hopefully becomes your swing thought for the day. The difficulty lies in committing to a swing thought, without thinking about that swing thought during your actual swing.

In this video Pete Styles demonstrates a process that allows you to use your swing thoughts in your practice swing, then divert the focus of your mind so that during the swing you have no swing thought at all. Easier said then done you might say, but if you can train yourself to do this, your swing will be smoother and less mechanical. Now, if this particular swing thought didn’t fix your swing fault, you will still have to go back to the drawing board. But at least you now have developed a process that, once you find the right swing thought, will allow you to swing freely and more consistently.


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