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Not Your Father’s Driving Range

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This game of golf that we love so much is sadly on the decline. According to the National Golf Foundation in 2013 more than 4.1 million golfers quit the game, and 10 times more golf courses closed than opened. More and more young people are leaving the game, or just not taking it up at all. The three most often cited reasons for the decline of the golf industry are: golf is too hard to learn, takes too long to play and is too expensive.

Rory Mcilroy thinks the answer is to speed up the game for amateurs; Ricky Fowler thinks the industry should encourage more 9 hole play; and then there are those who say make the hole bigger (I like this one myself). But these are all variations on the same theme. Now there is a company called Topgolf that brings a whole new perspective to golf that is geared totally to millenniums.

Imagine a place you can drink, eat, socialize and play golf (sort of) all at the same time – that’s Topgolf. And it is way more than a driving range. And maybe, just maybe, this experience will get them out on the links.


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