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Easy Way To Improve Your Golf Flexibility

Golf Flexibility

Read Article  by Ron Kaspriske

We all know that one of the keys to hitting a longer, more accurate, ball is a good rotation. Unfortunately, most of us don’t really do anything to improve our golf flexibility, which in turn would give us greater rotation – save of course for the 30 seconds of twisting on the driving range. Well, if you have access to a fitness center there is a pretty neat contraption called TRX that, with minimal training and practice, will definitely help improve your rotation and lots more.

I walked past the TRX system at our fitness center many times before I finally had to ask about those straps hanging from the wall. It turns out that the TRX system is a one stop body improvement center that uses your body weight to do a complete work out. Best of all you can completely control the pace and level of exertion to suit your physical limitations and still get a good work out. Golf Digest has a pretty good article and video that can get you started – but be careful you get hooked.


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