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The Cost of Golf? – Depends

Cost Of Golf and Dynamic Pricing

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What do airlines and golf have in common? Well if you said they’re both expensive, you are on the right track. You’ve heard the story where someone sits down in their $300 middle seat just to find out that the guy sitting in the aisle seat only paid $100. Well if you are in Detroit, you could have the same experience in your golf cart; depending on when you’re playing partner booked his round he may have paid less than you did.  This is called dynamic pricing.

In other words, the cost of golf for your round depends on several factors. Did you book online, are you a walk in and is it going to rain – to name a few. Just as it helps the airlines to fill empty seats, dynamic pricing can also help the golf course to fill the tee sheet. But is it good for the golfer? Maybe. If you are a bargain hunter with time on your hands you can definitely take advantage, and lower your cost of golf. On the other hand, if your time is not very flexible, not so much.


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