Do You Suffer From
Blocked Golf Shots?

View Video by Gary Alliss

Do you block your golf shots? Well if you do, the good news is that there are probably only three reasons for blocked golf shots. This is especially true with the driver, which immediately gets you off to a bad start.  In this video Gary Alliss, for Golf Monthly, demonstrates these three culprits, and they are:

  1. Excessive lateral shift: This is a sign of taking the need to shift your weight to the extreme, resulting in your club head lagging behind you and the club face open at impact
  2. Excessive body rotation: Here again, we know we need to rotate, but when your body spins out of control your club once again lags behind
  3. Late release: I think this is the most difficult fault to correct, because it is all about timing. Even if you have a good overall swing, but wait just a little too long to unhinge your wrists, you will end up with a blocked shot. Perhaps this might be caused by trying so hard to get your club into the slot, that you forget to release.

So if you do block your shots, the first thing to do is find out which of the above applies to you. Gary’s tips on how to correct your swing fault will certainly help. However, it seems to me that if you take a video of your swing, identify which one of the culprits is your swing fault and then armed with that information pay your local golf pro a visit, you will be better off. If he or she focuses on correcting just that one fundamental flaw you should be able to get much better results.


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